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 Reading for Santhia

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PostSubject: Reading for Santhia   Mon Sep 08, 2008 4:24 pm

Hi Santhia,

Okay, I have drawn some cards for you and it reads as follows:

What is the situation?

You are so obsessed with your dreams and you find it hard to wake up to reality. You are so disillusioned. Your dreams wake you up in the middle of the night. You cannot control your emotion and its hurting you badly.

Why is this happening?

You are falling in love with a guy who cannot promise you anything. I know this will hurt your feelings, but this is true. He could use you to entertain or find pleasure for himself. Beware!

What has happened recently?

You found your teacher to be charming and you are dazzled by his intellect and strong sexual appeal. You are loosing reality. Your heart was captivated.

What is at the present situation?

You are trying to balance carefully your studies and your emotional feelings with your teacher. You feel that you can handle the situation, and surely you can. You are very intelligent. Let not this emotion interfere with your studies.

What lies ahead in the future?

Well, I could see that all of these are about infatuation. Your teacher will refuse to get involve with you. You will be very disappointed and things will never come out from him the way you expected it.

Overall Reading: - Santhia, I know that you are in love with your teacher and that is perfectly normal most especially with young girls like you. Teachers serve as our models and examples and they deserve the respect they need. We admire them, we want to be like them, and sometimes to the extreme, that we thought that we are falling in love with them. Itís natural, but itís called infatuations.

As you grow older, you will find similarities of these attributes of your teacher with other guys your age. From that then, admiration could develop into real love. Make your teacher as an inspiration in finding your true lifeís partner. In that way, youíll find it more normal. I know that someday, somewhere, somehow youíll find your Mr. Right.

Good luck to you,
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Reading for Santhia
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