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 Reading for Tammy

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PostSubject: Reading for Tammy   Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:38 pm

Hi Tammy,

Here's my reading for you:

Empress (r) Queen of cups 5 pentacles 3 pentacles (r) Wheel of Fortune Knight of wands

Card 1 = Represents early days in the relationship.

The beginning of your relationship with him was quite difficult to understand. It may have been due to some practical reasons that caused to separate your ways. Another reason could have been that you have more things to pursue in your own personal life at that time. It was a matter of selfishness in your part actually.

Card 2 = Represents a significant event that occurred along the way.

I saw you following you dreams with eyes closed. It was all about money, career and vanity. You could have given more for him, but you were push by the practicalities of life.

Card 3 = Represents how the relationship changed as a result.

Because of that separation, both of you has been scrambling back to where it all begun. Both of you are looking for ways to bring back those old times. Both of you are trapped right now and donít know where your destiny will led you. You both are in total limbo.

Card 4 = Represents the situation as it now stands.

You both have been waiting for a long time for this relationship to continue. But obstacles have come along the way. Time is dragging and everything is delayed. Hindrances arise and both of you are bored.

Card 5 = Represents the challenge you face.

You have a reason to smile because things will come up the way both of you had wanted it to be. Everything will fall into place and everything will come out victorious. The clock is ticking once more.

Card 6 = Indicates the action you should take.

Let him move first. Whatever decisions he makes will prove that his love for you is unfailing and fire will be his armor. You will receive news from him rekindling this long awaited moment.

Bright blessings,

PS. Please let me know your feedback.
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Reading for Tammy
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