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 Reading for Lina

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PostSubject: Reading for Lina   Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:42 pm

Hi Lina,

Here is my reading for you.

6 Swords + Knight of Wands + Death + Empress ® + 9 Cups

Card 1: General Situation between you and your object of desire.

The situation is saying that both of you are seeking for fulfillment in life. You are both floating in the midst of emotions. Both of you are seeking for that love you both long to have in your life.

Card 2: How he/she feels about you.

He is very practical of his feelings about you. He is very excited to make a move yet at the same time, very careful about it so as not to upset or offend you. He is already having his feelings making known to some.

Card 3: How you feel about him/her.

A change of feelings towards him is beginning to unfold within you. Something different this time and I could see it full of energy. A colorful and exciting romantic emotion is playing inside your heart.

Card 4: Obstacles to a relationship with this person.

I saw a veil between the two of you, ashamed to look at each other’s emotion. As if both of you are trying to avoid on what everybody would be talking about. Both of you are hiding your emotional feelings between each other.

Card 5: Outcome/Advice (answer to "Is this person for me?")

I am seeing lots of possibilities between the two of you. One of you has to make a move. Once this move is done, all energies will flow towards the two of you. In the end, I could see a happy and satisfying romantic and fruitful relationship.

Good luck,

Please let me know your feedback by clicking the "Reply" button.
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Reading for Lina
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