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 Crash Course in Numerology

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PostSubject: Crash Course in Numerology   Sun Aug 31, 2008 11:28 pm

Numerology is basic mathematics. Grab a pencil and a paper. In no time you'll be doing calculations in your head. Follow along!

Start by calculating the universal year. Add the four digits of the current year 2008. 2+0+0+8 = 10 (Always reduce to a single digit, hence 1+0 = 1). 2008 is a 1 universal year.

To find your personal year, add your birth month and birth day to the current universal year, as follows:
If your birthday is January 20 (1/20), then add 1+20 = 21 (reduce to single digit 2+1 = 3), so 3+1(universal year) = 4. Your personal year for 2008 is 4. (Recalculate this again for the next year).

To find your personal month, if this month is August, then add your personal year to the month of August which is 8. So, 8 (August)+4 (your personal year) = 12 (reduce to single digit) 1+2 = 3. Your personal month for the month of August 2008 is 3.

To find your personal day, if today is August 8, 2008, add 8 (today's date) + 3 (your personal month) = 11. Your personal day is 11. Now, it is important to take note that when you got a double digit with the same number as 11 or 22, there is no need for you to reduce it to single digit. They remain as double digits 11 or 22.
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Crash Course in Numerology
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