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 Speed-Reading Spread

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PostSubject: Speed-Reading Spread   Fri Jul 25, 2008 3:30 pm

If you're ever in the fortunate situation where you have a big crowd (bar, restaurant, cafe, party) waiting for readings, here's a handy
spread for keeping things real while keeping the line moving. Three-card spread can feel unsatisfying to some customers, so for this spread, I throw down 5 cards, the 5 that form the "skeleton" of a Celtic Cross. Like so:

Card 1 = Self at Time of Reading
Card 2 = What Crosses You
Card 4 = Immediate Past Influences
Card 6 = Future Influences
Card 10 = Final Outcome

From a "storytelling" point of view, these are the elements that will give you the basic narrative of the situation. "First you were X, then you were Y. What's next is Z."

Cards 1 and 2 are the basic dilemma, the "this versus that" of the client's situation, and I usually lay them down crossed, just like a Celtic Cross spread. Card 4 is back-story, which is helpful for you, the reader -- a good anchor to see if you're on the right track, so pay close attention to that card. Ask questions of the client; get it right. Card 6 is your gypsy fortune telling card -- or to be more exact, it's the card where you can let loose your imagination/intuition, watch it run. Card 10 is the final message to the reader, the thing they ought to take away from the reading.

That's it. End of story. If they want more mojo than that, they gotta take a business card. Next!
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Speed-Reading Spread
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