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 Sex and the Tarot (For Adults Only)

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PostSubject: Sex and the Tarot (For Adults Only)   Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:14 am

Hi Friends,

Here are interesting meanings of the Major Arcanas on sex. Please add your own meaning through this thread.

Losing virginity. A new lover who takes you to new levels of sexuality and spirituality. Going beyond one's sexual experience into new areas. New or original sexual experiences. An exciting or unpredictable lover.

Reading or writing about sex. Letters, email, texting a lover. Telephone sex. Bisexuality. Publishing a book on sex.

High Priestess
Fluctuations in sexual energy. Travelling long distance to meet a sexual partner. Using sex to explore spirituality. Renunciation of sexual relationships. Practicing abstinence.

Passionate indulgence. Sex for procreation. Sexual relationship with a married woman. Sex with a high status woman. Exploring creativity in sex. Pregnancy

Sex with an older partner, an employer, politician, military person or high status individual. A sexual relationship that involves domination or strict rules. Dressing up in uniform. Using sex to gain promotion. Laying down the law, or strict rules on sex. Parental advice

Sex within marriage. Teaching an inexperienced partner. Sex with a religious person, priest, etc. Conventional, unadventurous or perfunctory sex. Passionless sex. Practising sex according to the rules of one's religion. Putting a value on sex. Applying morality to sex. Paying for sex. Proposal of marriage. Wife swapping. Religious advice on love and sexuality.

Exploring the relationship between lovers. Lovers who are very similar in outlook, interests. Lovers who are neighbours. Writing letters, emails, texting or phoning a lover. Love between siblings. News about a lover.

A dominating or controlling relationship. Sex on some form of transport - the 'Mile High Club' Sex at home.
Sexual obsession with a parent.

A passionate love affair. Sex games. Bestiality. Sex magick. Sex with royalty. Sex to raise one's status. Taking risks in a sexual relationship. An orgy

A secret lover. Masturbation. Renouncing sexual relationships. A secret passion or obsession for someone. Feeling alone in a relationship. Sex with a work colleague. Sexual secrets Counselling on a relationship.

Sex for political gain. Sex between politicians. A change in a relationship. A whirlwind romance. Sex with a wealthier partner

A legal marriage. Looking for an aesthetically pleasing or beautiful partner. Sex with a lawyer, solicitor or judge. The legal aspects of sexuality. Sex with an older partner. Sex with a foreigner. Divorce. Demanding conjugal rights. Finding a lover at a wedding or legal establishment.

Hanged Man
Suffering in silence. An abusive relationship. Making sacrifices for a partner. Fruitless waiting for the desired person to come into one's life. Loss in a relationship. Death of a partner.

New sex partner An intensely sexual relationship. Sex for money. Sex in secret places. Sexual disease. Discovering secrets about a relationship.

Art or Temperance
Seeing sex as a higher or spiritual calling. Holiday romances. Travelling abroad for sex. Complicated sexual relationships involving several people. The inability to manage or cope with a relationship. Sex with a Guru. Filming or photographing sex.

A dominating, violent or abusive relationship. Oppressive sex. Sex with someone in the military. A disintegrating relationship. Discovering shocking aspects to a partner's sexuality. Realising a partner is not faithful. Scandal in high places.

An intense or suffocating relationship. Bondage. A corporate or business love affair. Sex shops. The sex industry. A brothel. Desire for domination or subjugation. Being tied up. Obsession with one's boss or superior. Using sex for gain.

Aspirational sex. Seeing someone as a friend rather than a lover. Desiring a love affair with a friend or acquaintance. Cybersex. Exploring unconventional aspects of sex. Going beyond the frontiers of sex. Flirting. Finding a lover at a social event. Sex at a social event. A sex party. Using technology to enhance sex. Homosexuality. Finding people with a similar sexual outlook. Fetishists. Fetish party

Sex with a rich or famous person

Sexual fantasies. Sexual phobias. Confusion about a relationship. Ambiguous sexuality.

Judgement or Aeon
Finding out the bottom line in a relationship. Making a decision on a relationship. Inability to deal with issues in a relationship. Trying to work on issues from a previous relationship in the present relationship.

End of a love affair Meeting one's desire. The object of one's obsession. Anal sex. Love affair on holiday or a foreign country.

Source: http://supertarot.co.uk/major/sexuality.htm

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Sex and the Tarot (For Adults Only)
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