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 Reading for Olive

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PostSubject: Reading for Olive   Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:44 pm

Dear Olive,

Here is my reading for you. Sorry to keep you waiting.


Motives = Ace of Wands
Needs = Five of Cups
Attitude = High Priestess
Outcome = Devil

He has found a new companionship in you that he is enjoying. But his heart still mourns and longs for the fair maiden he lost. Eventhough he doesn't show it but secretly he is still so much in love with her. His whole soul is stuck with her.

His Ex-Girlfriend

Motives = 4 Swords
Needs = 5 Swords
Attitude = 3 Swords
Outcome = Hermit

She is recuperating from the pain and is just waiting for the right time. She wants to win him back again. She is deeply pained by the things that happened. She is keeping herself distant from him and is seeking counsel.


Motives = 5 Wands
Needs = 7 wands
Attitude = Queen Swords
Outcome = Chariot

You are putting yourself in the middle of a situation of conflict. You need to defend yourself. You are smart and has the power to take control of your emotion. You can see the conflict and is waiting how to proceed.

Overall Reading: I could see from the cards that your friend is sincerely in love with his ex-GF. His heart is stuck with her. With his ex-GF's absence, he found comfort being with you and is enjoying your companionship. I cannot see love in the cards coming from him to you. Most probably just a close friendship. She is still in love with him. She is just probably taking time and is most probably teaching him some lesson. This feeling of yours towards him has just developed because of the closeness between both of you during his time of need. You were able to fill that void and it seems as if something is about to develop. The cards counsels you to take control of this situation most especially your heart. You are a very smart young lady and you will need that much this time.

I would dearly counsel you to keep this relationship between both of you as sincere friendship. Then, let's see what will happen in the next few weeks, let me know and I'll give you another reading. Who knows something along the way may change. Cheers.

Your new found friend,

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PostSubject: Re: Reading for Olive   Fri Jul 25, 2008 8:23 pm


Thank you so much on your reading, it makes a lot of sense to me.

Your description of myself was accurate, and I believe your summing your situation was everything I thought but didn't want to face.

Thank you for the reading! Smile
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Reading for Olive
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