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 Reading for Amanda

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PostSubject: Reading for Amanda   Tue Jul 22, 2008 1:46 pm

Hi Amanda,

Sorry, but instead of the Fairy Tarot Deck, I'm using my Thoth Tarot. I've forgotten my Fairy Tarot at home today. I'm reading you at my office. Smile

Deck: Thoth Tarot
Spread: Who Am I Spread
Cards: 4 wands Star 5 wands Adjustment

Card 1: Your true self.
You are a person who knows how to complete tasks. You are very responsible and you are a good leader. You have many things and goals in your mind that you want to reach and accomplish. Because of your capability and strength you could possibly make all of these things happen.

Cards 2 and 3: Which direction you are heading.
You are a dreamer and many of your dreams will come true. There will be many challenges coming along your way as you seek to find these dreams. Don't be weary for everything will be granted in its own due time.

Card 4: This is your inner light, your potential, and what you can accomplish.
You have skills of adjusting yourself into any given situtations in life. You will be able to adjust yourself when you think that things are not doing the way it should be. You know how to put things in balance. Use this gift as a resource of your strength. People will come to you for refuge.

Additional Reading: You are about to complete a project in your life that will bring many answers to your dreams and wishes in life. There will be challenges among your peers and you will have to show your strength and to prove that you have the what it takes to be on the top. Along with these challenges will come adjustments. So, this is where you will find your inner light useful.

How's that?

Best Regards,

PS. Please let me know your comment by clicking the "reply" button to this post. - Cheers
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Reading for Amanda
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