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 Who Am I Reading for Haiku

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PostSubject: Who Am I Reading for Haiku   Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:07 pm

Dear Haiku,

This reading is for you.

Deck: The Fairy Tarot
Spread: Who Am I Spread
Cards: The Elf + Heirophant + Lovers + The Dryad

Card 1: Your true self.
You are a person who loves adventure. You are easy going and knows how to follow the wishes of your heart. You appreciate the beauty of life and is always thankful of whatever things that comes. You have a free spirit and you embrace opportunities. You don't hesitate on chances. But nevertheless, try to always remember the expression, "look before you leap". sunny

Cards 2 and 3: Which direction you are heading.
You are going to be an inspiring teacher and a counselor for those many who are lost and weary. Your counsels are valuable and many will keep heed and follow. You are following a beautiful tradition cherished by your family. Many people will trust your words and will serve as their daily inspiration.

One of these days you will be called upon to choose a very important thing in your life. Whatever it is, choose that which your heart will be most happy of. Choose the thing that will make you feel better. Choose the thing that will last forever.

Card 4: This is your inner light, your potential, and what you can accomplish.
You have a gift of fairness and truth. You do not want to deprive anyone of anything. You are honest in your dealings with your fellowmen and that is a special gift from on high. You could have been a good lawyer.

Extra Reading: You are about to start something that you really want to do in life. But you will need a mentor who is more experienced on that matter who could teach and guide you. Something exciting will happen along the way and you'll be very much thankful you did this. You will then have to weigh things up for which is greater and fair for you. scratch

How's that for you, my friend?

Best Regards,

PS. Please let me know your feedback by clicking the "reply" botton to this post. - Cheers
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Who Am I Reading for Haiku
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