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 Reading for Pam

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PostSubject: Reading for Pam   Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:32 pm

Here is a situation for you to read and see what you come up with. I have some health issues that kicked in gear in Jan 2002. I had a neck surgery 2 years ago, 6/18/06 to “fix” the problem. Now, I have nasty headaches and other pain that can overwhelm me. I believe there is a simple answer to focus on so I can overcome the block, and heal my world, and get my life back. Maybe this theory is way too simplistic, but I am a very positive person w/ hope. Let me know what you come up with.

Dear Pam,

I have created a wonderful spread just for you to help you find what will bring you joy and make you whole, most especially in this time of your recovery.

Deck: Thoth Tarot
Spread: Getting Whole Spread (I created this spread just for you Smile )
Cards: Wheel of Fortune + Queen of Wands + Adjustment + Knight of Swords + The Empress

(Card 1: This represents what brings you joy and what makes you whole; or, what you need to get there and what you have to deal with; the issues that block your happiness.)

The Wheel of Fortune here is telling you to take control of your mood. Being happy and putting things in proper order will contribute much in your quicker healing process. Try to create a more brighter and more inspiring invironment and everything will just change for the betterment of your body and spirit. Things will reverse by itself for the better. Most probably a full recovery. You just have to keep inspiring yourself. The Wheel of Fortune card usually indicates change for the better, so get a proper check up and proper diet and everything will fall in order.

Card 2: This card represents the element of earth: meaning the body and material things. This includes basic, simple pleasures, like food, shelter and sex--tangible resources and useful stuff.

Get a pet! Something that will divert your attention will do many good things for you. Enjoy life as usual, do things you normally do. Get back to your hobbies. Entertain yourself. Oftentimes the best medicine for healing is just to forget about the pain and aches and get back to normal life.

Card 3: This card represents the element of water: your intuition, meaningful dreams that can help you define your wants and needs, your soul's work; and your emotional gifts.

Here is a card of Adjustment. You really just have to give yourself a break. Try to balance things the way they are. You are called upon to look back to your past and pick up things from your experiences that made you better a person, then, start from that.

Card 4: This card represents the element of air: your intelligence, knowledge you have, the ability through experience to decide and discern.

You have a very strong card here. The Knight of Swords in Thoth tarot is equivalent to a King and is a card of intellegence fulfilled and ready to take in charge. Why not write a book?

Card 5: This card represents the element of fire: this is your passion, the source of your energy (or what's blocking it), life, that which energizes and inspires you.

The Empress is a healing card and a card of abundance. I sincerely believe that this experience that you are undergoing right now will bring more good for you than you have ever realized. You love gardens and flowers, plant one today. Go for a vacation to a place where there are lots of gardens and earth.

Overall, you really need to divert your thoughts that are wonderful in this lfe. If you have anything to write, by all means do it. Write a book about things you love and cherries most in life. Get a pet for a company. Have a proper check up ang medications. Be positive and things will heal fast for you my friend.

You may probably have a low-grade infection. Herbal medication or anti-inflamatory medicine could be the best medicine. study

Take a good nice rest and praying for a fast recovery,

Please let me know about your feedback by clicking "reply" to this post. - Cheers
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Reading for Pam
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