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 Reading for Joanne

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PostSubject: Reading for Joanne   Fri Jul 18, 2008 12:13 am

This is my practice reading for Joanne as a try out for my new Thoth Tarot deck.

The situation is about a lady working in a virtual office. She is having problems with two other people in her workplace who have negative feelings towards her and at the same time spreading emails around attacking her. She has confronted one of these people to resolve the case professionally and that she don't want the management involved.

So, the question is if in what way could she solve this problem without the management getting involved.

Deck: Thoth Tarot
Spread: Making Things Happen Spread http://ranzel1.blogspot.com/2008/05/making-things-happen-spread.html

Devil + 3 Wands (Virtue) + Universe + Lovers + Art + Star + Queen of Cups

I noticed 5 Major Arcana cards and only 2 Minors which clearly indicates that this situation is beyond her control. This situation cannot be solved through confrontation. It will require time to wait to disolve itself and by reversing it with proper attitude.

The first card is showing that this issue looks like it was started with a malicious intent towards the lady. This guys were trying to test her integrity and are trying to lead her towards their bait.

The second card is telling her to control her emotion in order to keep her integrity. She has to keep away herself from this trap. This is the most easiest way out. She has to take control of herself most especially her temper.

The third card is telling her that this problem will just desolve by itself. She do not have to respond or do anything. This problem will just eventually die down. My best counsel is to ignore these bullies. This will make them look stupid!

The fourth and fifth cards are counseling her to reverse the situation by showing lots of patience and understanding. In proper time this situation will desolve by itself. She could win this by showing that she is a person of integrity.

Overall, she just have to calm down, and please no negative action of whatsoever. This could be a test of her endurance and believe me, its worth it. She mind this, she puts herself in trouble. She ignores it, she wins!

How's that,

PS. Joanne, please let me know your feedback by just replying this post here. Many thanks.
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Reading for Joanne
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