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 Personal Numbers

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PostSubject: Personal Numbers   Wed Jul 16, 2008 2:07 pm

1- Time of new beginnings
Start a new job, a new career or a new business or project. Many people move to a new location in a 1 personal year. Do something original. Get out and meet new people or expect new people to come into your life, exposing you to new ideas. Be aggressive and go after what you want. Be your own boss and do it your way. This is a time for independence and a very active and busy time. Because of your independent and pioneering spirit strongly prevails, this is not the best time to start a new relationship. It is not the worst time for marriage, but you may be too focused on yourself to make the necessary compromises. Sometimes in a 1 personal year a marriage is entered into out of boredom or the need to do something new. However, a 1 personal day is great for a first date.

2 - Time to be passive and patient
Take the back seat. Follow, do not lead. Be diplomatic, cooperative and agreeable. Become a collector. Take care of details. Join groups, clubs, teams or organizations. In your 1 personal year seeds were planted and projects were initiated. This year water the seeds that were planted the previous year and let things grow. Do not force issues.

3 - Party time, fun time
You may be getting slots of invitations. its time to make new friends, express yourself artistically, shop, play, and laugh. Since this is a social year, relationships entered into at this time will be fun friendships. marriage during this year will be happy times.

4 - Time to work
Work, stay on schedule, get organized, be practical, and get chores done. Build a structure and foundation for the future. Business are often started in this year, but do not expect profits until your 8 personal year. It is a good time to go on a job interview or start a diet.

5 - Expect the unexpected
You won't know what is coming around the corner. Be adventurous, travel, take chances, welcome a change in your schedule and try something unusual. Experiences will be very unpredictable and unconventional, especially romances. 5 personal year is not a good year to marry. It is for all wrong reasons, sex or money, and rarely lasts. However, 5 personal day, is a great time to go out looking for romance. Dress up and look your best. A 5 personal day is a good time for shopping and getting a hair cut.

6 - Duty calls
Time is not your own. Others need you. Help people and listen to their problems. Settle arguments and avoid getting into them. Stay close to home, take car of family, welcome responsibility. A 6 personal year is the best time to marry because it is for love. Marriage entered into in this year have a better chance of surviving. Many people move or redecorate in this year because the focus is on the home. A 6 personal day is a good time to clean home, but avoid travel on this day.

7 - Introspective period
Rest, recuperate, recharge your battery. You may find yourself sleeping or staring more at the television, because your energy is in your head. Think, plan, wait, reevaluate. Do not force issues. Let things come to you. This is also a spiritual time, not a material time. Money may be low but it is a good time for investing. This is not the best time to marry. 7 is also the number of secrets. Sometimes people find themselves in a cladestine relationship in this year. Or you may attract someone who is already married.

8 - Material time
Initiate all the things you thought about last year, and actualized all the plans you made. Money, business, finance, and power characterize this time. Marriage during this year means money and status are part of the deal. 8 is also the number for fertility. Many women get pregnant in an 8 personal year. Business started this year will prosper. 8 personal day is a good time for workout.

9 - Time to finish
This is the time to finish, complete, end, wrap up, and let go of what is no longer needed in your life. You may find you are outgrowing friends, a job, a marriage, or hobbies or interests. Get rid of whatsoever is no longer working in your life. It is also a spiritual time. Be a humanitarian and do good deeds. Broaden your horizons and attend cultural events. Since this is the end od the cycle, marriage is unfavorable in the 9 personal year. It is unlikely to last. Although it is good for romance with all the trimmings such as candle light and music. A 9 personal day is a good day for breaking up with someone, but not a good day for first date.

There are two exceptions to the rules of reducing everything to a single digit. If the numbers add up to 11 or 22, do not reduce to a single digit.

11/2 - Highly spiritual and intuitive time
This is highly spiritual and intuitive time. Experiences are non-materila. Work in groups. Inspire others by sharing your insights and ideas. Do not strive for personal or material gain. Marriage is usually good because of shred ideas and dreams.

22/4 - Time to combine the power of both spiritual and material worlds
This is the time to combine both the spiritual and material worlds. Institute large projects and make grand plans. Work to make big dreams into big realities. Marriage in this year is usually of mutual interest in the inauguration of major projects that reshape the world.
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Personal Numbers
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